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Year end


Pass across your paperwork and let us do the rest, organising your incomings and outgoings into a legal report to create your year end documentation. As part of our full service package we then file this with HMRC and Companies House on behalf of your company.
It’s vital to get year end accounts right: incorrect filing and late submitters can be subject to fines, while novice businesses often end up damaging their business by overpaying and not taking advantage of potential benefits.

At Jones Howard our focus is always on simplification and clear communication. Our accounting process is completely transparent and we’re happy to talk you through any reporting complexities so you stay up to date and in control.

Why choose

Jones Howard?

Businesses look to us for our trusted expertise, rapid turnaround and dedicated team.

We offer:

  • Absolute care and discretion
  • Simple, easy-to-understand accounting
  • A qualified accountant working for you
  • One single dedicated touchpoint
  • Market-leading accounting software